The Sinking City - Necronomicon Edition - Part 1 | Ultra Settings 60 fps, No Commentary

Probably everyone knows about the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. Also, everyone knows his famous affairs, which he revealed very quickly and without unnecessary problems. In order to achieve something, you must first go through a very difficult quest, consisting of one or more tasks. All events of the game take place in America. All he does is do various things that he does superbly. Various disasters constantly occur in the neighboring city, and no one can figure out why this is happening and who is to blame. And only our main character can understand everything. Before you is a new and very difficult matter, and you immediately get to work. Nobody can help you and you will have to rely only on yourself. If you have a wonderful mind and logic, then any task you do not care. Enemies also do not sleep and look for an excuse to get as close to you as possible, and then do what you have been going for so long and dreamed about for so long. To win, you will need a huge number of traps that need to be set everywhere. And only this can protect not only yourself, but also your friends and relatives. There will be a lot of different traps that you can fall into too.
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