STALKER Review, Soviet Survival Simulator

Everything happens in Chernobyl, where a terrible event happened many years ago, which brought many people many troubles and misfortunes. If before people had houses here, which they equipped and did everything in order to live no worse than others. But now it’s scary and unbearable to live here, because now there is a huge number of different scary mutants who just won’t sit in one place and they like to kill people. But all the same, researchers constantly come here who profit from the fact that they are looking for various objects or artifacts here. Then they sell all these artifacts and earn a lot of money, which they then spend on improving and various items that they take with them to Chernobyl. It’s just that not everyone manages to come alive from here, and besides, many come without artifacts, but that’s all, because other researchers have already visited them and took away everything that lies badly. And this hero is you, and you will get here along with others. In order to survive, you will need to show not only ingenuity, but also dexterity so as not to fall into the clutches of mutants who do not like that someone comes here all the time and they are ready to get rid of all in different ways.
# 26-02-2020 19:59, minecraft


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