RESIDENT EVIL 2 REMAKE Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - INTRO (RE2 LEON)

Before you is a large and very beautiful city, which in the evening turned into a terrible one. That's all, because an atomic bomb exploded here unexpectedly and now almost all the inhabitants of the city turned into zombies. The city no longer seems as beautiful as before, and living here is dangerous. Among all these people there were those who did not manage to become infected for some reason, and remained alive. But zombies go everywhere and as soon as they feel living people, they immediately go in the same direction. Therefore, you simply will not succeed in avoiding meeting with them. Of course, you will have to slowly roam around the city, and look for living people who need help. In addition, the city has a huge number of different weapons that will come in handy for you to fight with zombies. But first you need to get to it, but it’s not so simple. There are also very few cartridges and therefore you will have to spend them wisely, because no one knows where you can find more cartridges. When meeting with zombies, try to be very quiet, and it’s better to shoot him right away, because when he sees a person, he will begin to move very quickly and it will be difficult or almost impossible to escape from him. It is best to move around in groups in order to see everyone who is moving towards you and very carefully, because zombies are everywhere and you never know where they will jump from now.
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