Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 - Gamescom Trailer, PS4, PS3

Football lovers can rejoice, because this game was specially released for them. Now football is even more realistic than before. But before speaking at competitions, you need to work hard and gain experience. And for this you will go to every training session, where a professional trainer will teach everything that he knows. If you compare it with the previous version, then this one seems much better and more realistic. In that game, only professionals could score or serve, but in this game any players can learn this, the main thing is their desire. Only here you will have the opportunity to not only touch the ball, but also drive it into the goal for your opponents. Of course, the rivals will also try to do everything in order to bring him to your goal and take the score for yourself, and you must not let them do it. In addition, there is a league of the strongest players, and you can choose one of them and fight one on one or a team on another team. Each week you can beat not only your record, but also break into the leaders and get valuable and necessary gifts that will help improve the players and make them professionals. Therefore, this gain is up to you.
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