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Probably, every person really wants to know not only their fate, but also to visit the future. In addition, they are confident that the future will be much better than real life. That's just where everything changes. It turns out that in the future humanity will face a war that is unclear how it will end. And no one knows what exactly to finish it with. And in order to prevent war or prevent them, you just need to find a special peacekeeper who will do everything for the people. Bad people have created an army of specially trained soldiers who fight in any situation and are not afraid of anything. In addition, every day they conquered and owned one city or town. They either destroyed all people together with the city, or simply drove them out of their homes and destroyed everything. All that is required of you is to assemble a special army of soldiers who will confront the enemies and not give a single settlement for demolition. The most important thing is that you should improve your army in time and buy uniforms with which soldiers will become stronger and more agile. After each battle, you can buy not only weapons, but also uniforms. In addition, after each battle you get a certain amount of coins that you can spend, or you can dig up a little more.
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