Misery STALKER: Call of Pripyat - Mod - NOT playing this again

For many years already, this game every time conquers a huge number of fans and fans who really like to play it. Meanwhile, the government decided to create a special project, according to which people will go there. Of course, everyone understands that they may simply not return back, but the main thing is that the government promised them that they would go to the zone. And since it is not always possible to hope for this person, and yet you also want to use these lands. And then they just came up with a wonderful idea. They decided to send their reliable people there, who will not deceive one hundred percent. But then they will be able to manage these lands, and no one else will be able to get here, and all the artifacts will belong only to the state. That's just the zone does not want anyone and does not want to obey and wants to live only by its own rules. First, one group was sent, which should mark all the anomalous zones on the map, and then inform the government about it. After this, the second group should have set off, which will go through all these anomalous zones and collect all the artifacts. But no one knew that even with the first group there would be problems that should not be planned. Suddenly, the helicopters stopped working and now the group has nothing to return home to. In addition, the phones stopped working and they did not even have to tell anyone where they are.
# 26-02-2020 19:45, minecraft


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