Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (2018) - Gameplay PC HD

Suddenly, in one big city, where the police control everything, a real war broke out between them and the criminals. They do not want to accept the conditions of the police and do only what they want, although they perfectly understand that it is illegal. In addition to the old heroes, you can also choose new ones, as well as new and improved weapons. All that is required of you is to recruit a team and go with it to the showdown. Usually they are accompanied by shelling and killings of a clan. Using the server, you can find any team and fight with it. In addition, you can choose the area that you like best. After each battle, you can improve any hero, as well as get additional coins. As soon as a new version appears, it will be possible to go online and update the game and play already in the updated mode. And it can be done easily and simply. You can’t relax here and you should always be on the alert, because you never know where your opponents will attack you. The main thing is to get the machine gun on time and shoot on time until your enemies, who are waiting for your death, have done so. After that, they take everything that you had in stock and use it.
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