A Night to Remember - Launch Cinematic - The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

The player will play for the main character, who has inexplicable and superpowers that others would like to have, but apparently not destined. You will receive many abilities during the passage of each level. But they are different. If the first level is easy, then the next ones are difficult and difficult to pass. Sometimes you will have to go through them several times. This game is very different from the previous version, because here various additions and updates are added. Before you reveals a whole world that you must fully explore. In addition, you will be faced with a choice that depends only on you. Also, you must first learn how to deliver the correct and deadly blows, from which your enemy will die immediately and will no longer bother. Of course, do not forget that they can also strike you the same blow. You can also learn how to cook various potions, which are even the most powerful enemy. The most important thing is that you must complete all quest tasks quickly and efficiently and in no case delay it. You will walk past trees and forests, as well as through desert and swamps. Do not think that there are no criminals and enemies, they are waiting for you all the time and want to get rid of you as soon as possible.
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